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I’ve been quite busy this whole summer, working on several iOS apps, this last one is for a non profit called Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which helps the working poor in Tenderloin Housing district in San Francisco. The residents  lives in slum buildings with single room occupancy, with shared bathroom and kitchens. The non profit uses the app to collect violations and pursue the building owners aka slum lords to address the issues. This app was a team effort, with 3 developers (including me) and two designers. 

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In pursuit

In pursuit

Ties that bind

What is that binds people together – the age old question? Everybody has a take on it, here is ours. Relationships are meant to be built on common foundations, shared ideas and thoughts. What if it is built on differences?

“I am an aggressive, opinionated and passionate person. Dhivya is very passive, open minded and mellow. I like being clean and organized. She thrives in chaos and has an uncanny ability to enjoy it. We don’t have much in common besides getting along. But why are we together? Well, we have spent close to 8 years trying to figure that out. We have been torn apart due to irreconcilable differences and almost decided to call it quits, but looking back those are the hardest times in our lives. But we always come back and this feels right and happy, don’t know why. We are still searching for answers, may be there is none and life is meant to be lived as is and enjoyed as is.” 


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Everyday Moments

Everyday Moments

More than a pretty face

I’m Smitha Deepak,

This is my story.

There’s always that one person who builds you, molds you into who you become. For me, that’s my grand father. I miss him; he was my rock, my shade while growing up.

When the odds were against me, when I couldn’t find the courage to go after my dreams he was there to support me, cheer for me and to make me believe in myself.

When I was 17 years old, I got a taste of the tough world, with all the backs turned on me, with no support from anyone, it was time to buckle up and get my first taste of independence, a taste of entrepreneurship.

I was left with the choice to give up and accept my fate or face my challenges. With a bruised heart and a tough mind, I was ready to face the world.

I had to financially support myself in order to pursue my dreams, something I learned from my grandparents. My first venture was an art workshop for children, and it gave me a taste of success that still drives me.

“Life is not about extravagance, materialism, or money. It has a deeper meaning to it, it’s about passion, and it’s about breaking free” – Anonymous

So what’s your story?  I’ll bring my vision and and camera along.

It’s the season

It’s the season

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